POLICY TITLE: University ID Number Standard
DATE DRAFTED: 01/01/02
DATE POSTED for Review: 08/25/06 (V1.10)

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Provides a standard identification number for students, faculty, staff and affiliates when they have established a recurring business relationship with the University of Iowa.

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The University ID Number (Univ ID) was implemented to provide a standard identification number for students, faculty, staff and affiliates who have an established business relationship with the University of Iowa. The Univ ID is intended to replace Social Security Number (SSN) as an individual’s principle identifier within the administrative and academic information systems utilized on campus. SSN will be retained as an attribute of a person, similar to date-of-birth and residing address, as outlined in the “Social Security Number Policy.”

This standard describes a method of unique identification designed to protect the privacy of individuals, while allowing them to easily identify themselves when transacting business with the University of Iowa.


  1. Univ ID is an immutable 8-digit, identification number which is unrelated to any SSN. It provides a one-to-one unique link in the institutional directory service to other attributes of one’s relationship with the University.
  2. Univ ID numbers are pseudo-public identification numbers which are used by all services and administrative and academic information systems developed and acquired by the University. Univ ID will be printed on the UI ID Card, unless the card holder requests that it be omitted.
  3. Univ ID numbers, or other tracking numbers such as invoice numbers, will be used in lieu of SSN in all electronic and paper data systems to identify, track and service individuals with a recurring business relationship with the University.
  4. Compliance will require our best efforts to change procedures, systems, reports and other printed materials that do not require the SSN as essential information within such system, transaction or report. Therefore, it does not define a specific timeframe for compliance, but periodic assessments of compliance may be made, as appropriate.
  5. Univ ID is considered property of the University and its use and governance shall be at the discretion of the University, within the parameters of the law.
  6. Univ ID numbers will be maintained and administered by Information Technology Services (ITS).
  7. Grades and other student-related pieces of personal information will not be publicly posted or publicly displayed in a manner where either the Univ ID or SSN, or any portion thereof, identifies the individual associated with the information.
Related Policies, References and Attachments:
This collection of University of Iowa Information Technology policies and procedures contain acceptable use, security, networking, administrative, and academic policies that have been developed to supplement and clarify University of Iowa policy.
They are incorporated into the University of Operations Manual (http://www.uiowa.edu/~our/opmanual/index.html) by reference, per the Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (http://www.uiowa.edu/~our/opmanual/ii/19.htm)
  1. University Social Security Number Policy
  2. Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
  3. Institutional Data Access Policy
  1. Accepted entry points for creation of Univ ID (current 8/2006):
  2. Admissions
  3. Registrar (SRIS)
  4. Guided Independent Study Student System
  5. Human Resources
  6. University ID Card Services  (when required for card creation)
  7. UIHC Staff Relations (when required for badge creation)
  8. Enterprise Directory Service  (when IT services required)
  9. University Libraries (planned)
  • Campus Applications Implementation Guidelines (to be written)