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CERT's Guideline's UNIX Configuration
Cloud Computing

Defense in Depth - Security at Iowa

E-Commerce: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (pdf) from VISA
E-Discovery -What is E-Discovery and ESI?
Eight Steps to Secure Your Copier or Multi-Function Device
Encryption Support Resources for IT-Admins

Departmental Access to E-mail/Home Drive Accounts Procedures

Iowa Computer Security Incident Response Team - I-CSIRT Program
Iowa Regents Security and Network Log Retention Guidelines
ITS Linux & Unix Systems Support

Learn About Security (IT)

Offsite Storage Facility Service for Departmental Backup Media

The SANS - Top Cyber Security Risks!
Linux.1 - Securing Linux: Step By Step V1.0 (Part One)
Linux.2 - Securing Linux: Step By Step V1.0 (Part Two)
Self-Managed Computers: Guide
SSL Web Server Certificate Service

Travel Checklist

Windows Workstation Security - Problems, Solutions & Resources

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