Make sure your computer is secure. University policy requires that you follow security best practices if you connect to the campus high-speed network.

Complete the 10 steps below for a trouble-free ResNet experience!

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable into your wall jack.
  2. Turn on the automatic update feature in your PC or Mac computer. 
  3. Activate the built-in firewall on your computer.
  4. Install, update and run antivirus. Antivirus is available for free to students.
  5. Install, update and run anti-spyware software regularly on your computer. Spyware usually causes interference with your computer’s performance.
  6. Create and maintain frequent backups of your data. Check your backups (disks/external drives) on a regular basis, to confirm your backups are current.
  7. Avoid free music and movie sharing because:
  • Your jack will be shut off if you go over your network activity quota.
  • The music industry is cracking down on piracy and is issuing lawsuits for copyright infringement.
  • They’re full of nasty, infected files that will wreck your computer!
  • Click on the file sharing link for more information.
  1. Do not click on links sent over Instant Messenger (IM), like  “see my vacation pictures.” For more information, go to:
  2. Do not click on links or attachments sent in spam e-mail, especially “greeting card” e-mails–they’re infected!!  For more information, go to:
  3. Practice safe social networking. Be careful what you post online in Facebook,  MySpace or any other social networking service.