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In order to minimize potential interference with University of Iowa wireless services, the University must remove sources of interference when possible. This will assure the highest level of service for all members of the U of I campus community. This policy asserts the right of the University to remove devices using publicly unlicensed bands that cause interference with University services.

The University of Iowa’s wireless data networking service allows authorized users to access computing resources from mobile computing devices via radio waves in the ISM and UNII bands. In order to ensure the success of this service, the University of Iowa needs the cooperation of all of its community members in minimizing the number of devices that can cause interference and service disruption.

This policy affects any device located on University-owned or University-rented property utilizing the ISM or UNII bands.

Policy Statement:
Information Technology Services (ITS) department of the University reserves the right to restrict the use of all 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio devices in University-owned buildings, University-rented spaces, and all outdoor spaces on the University of Iowa campus. This may require the removal of equipment not sanctioned by ITS, including (but not limited to) some devices of the following types: cordless telephones, wireless microphones, wireless cameras, and network access points. Appendix A lists wireless devices that are currently banned on campus. ITS will work with faculty and staff to accommodate the use of devices for reasonable applications, such that they do not interfere with University delivered services, when possible. If you would like to use devices that utilize 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz radio frequencies, you must first contact ITS via email at ITS-NetworkServices@uiowa.edu or the Help Desk at 4-4357, so an impact assessment can be made.

Related Policies, References and Attachments:
This collection of University of Iowa Information Technology policies and procedures contain acceptable use, security, networking, administrative, and academic policies that have been developed to supplement and clarify University of Iowa policy.
They are incorporated into the University of Operations Manual (http://opsmanual.uiowa.edu) by reference, per the Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (http://opsmanual.uiowa.edu/community-policies/acceptable-use-information-technology-resources).

1. Wireless Network Standards
2. Appendix A – Banned ISM/UNII devices:
     Apple AirPort Base Station
     Apple Airport Extreme Base Station
     Netgear ME-102