Departmental Access to E-mail/Home Drive Accounts


The University provides e-mail and personal storage (home drive) accounts for its employees to do their work. There are instances when a department will contact the ITS Help Desk to obtain access to an employee’s e-mail or home drive account. Typically, the department initiates contact if an employee is unexpectedly absent, on an extended leave of absence, or the employee has been terminated.

In the event a department contacts the ITS Help Desk requesting access to an employee’s e-mail account, these are the guiding principles:

  1. If the department just needs a copy of the email and an out of office and or auto forward set, then ITS can do it without resetting the password.
  2. If the department needs documents from the staff home drive, ITS can do it, again without resetting the password. 
  3. **But, if workstation access is required in the absence of an admin account on the machine, then (probably) the password needs to be reset. Departmental IT staff can work with their end-user informing them of the password reset.

All requests (typically e-mail) from departments should be sent to the ITS Help Desk ( and should:

  1. Include the (end-user) person’s full name and Hawk ID (if known)
  2. Include a contact name and phone number (the (Departmental contact) person to receive the password)
  3. Copy the head and HR Liaison of the department
  4. Copy the UI Information Technology security office (

This correspondence should come from at least ONE or more of the following people in the department:

  1. Supervisor
  2. HR Representative
  3. Department Chair
  4. Principal Investigator


Personal Drives:

When the ITS Help Desk receives the request, they create a tracking ticket that includes details surrounding the request. Note that resetting the HawkID password provides access to the workstation C: (local) drive (if bound to the domain), the person’s email account, as well as access to their H: (Home) network drive. If workstation access is not necessary, ITS can handle making changes to the email account described below, as well as copying documents from the Home drive.



Depending on the circumstances of that request, the user’s e-mail password is either temporarily reset to grant the department direct access to the account, or a backup of the e-mail account is made and provisioned to their departmental contact.

The department may exercise discretion in determining how to handle the employee’s business e-mail account. If s/he received departmental requests or a considerable volume of business correspondence, it may be advisable to set it up to automatically forward messages to another account.

In addition, an automatic reply message may be returned to senders. The ITS Help Desk ( makes these changes on the department’s behalf. Consider the amount and type of e-mail received by the person when selecting e-mail handling options, as well as the need for removing the employee from listserv subscriptions and from web forms that mail to them. Some options are:

  1. Automatic Forward: all mail addressed to is forwarded to ""
  2. Automatic Forward with Auto-reply: All mail addressed to is forwarded to, and an automatic reply is sent to the original sender, such as “The account for has been closed. Your message has been automatically forwarded to ""
  3. No Forwarding with an Auto-reply: An automatic reply is sent to the original sender, “The account for has been closed. If you need assistance please resend your message to” This option works nicely if you need to split mail to several individuals. For example, “If you need assistance with billing, resend your message to; if you need assistance with orders, resend your message to; and for all other messages, please resend to”


Additional references:

§ 19.3 Security and Privacy - Acceptable Use of Information Technology Services Policy (
Death of an employee: