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This policy defines appropriate IP address use of global and other address ranges, with overall responsibility resting with Telecommunication & Network Services of ITS.

The Telecommunication & Network Services (TNS) division of Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for planning, development, implementation and support of networking on the University main & Oakdale campuses. Coordination in the use of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses is included in this responsibility. The TNS Hostmaster (email hostmaster@uiowa.edu) is the service communication address for requesting IP address & hostname reservations. As global, unique IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses are a finite and increasingly constrained resource, this policy defines appropriate IP address use of global and other address ranges.


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Public IP addresses:  Globally (or Internet) routable IP addresses are assigned by the Internet Address Numbering Authority (IANA). IP address ranges registered by the University of Iowa include: – –

Private IP addresses:  IANA specifies IP address ranges for use exclusively within enterprise networks. Commonly referred to by the IEEE Internet Engineering Task Force document RFC1918, these are not routed to the global Internet.  The IP address ranges specified in RFC1918 include: - - -


  1. Systems requiring access to, or reachability from the global Internet should be configured with public (global) IPv4 addresses.
  2. Individual or blocks of IP addresses not observed to be in use for a period of time, such as six months are subject to be reclaimed and reassigned by TNS with notice to the affected person, group, or place.
  3. For use on University of Iowa networks, the & ranges of RFC1918 IP addresses are designated for use by system administrators on their local network without the coordination with TNS Hostmaster, or monitoring or enforcement by TNS.
  4. The range of private RFC1918 IP addresses are reserved for campus-wide or inter-campus applications such as the UI Anywhere VPN service and site-local scope routing of private IP addresses.
  5. Campus system administrators may elect to implement host access-controls based on network address, but are responsible for conforming to the address ranges defined in the policy, and changes in address ranges that may occur in the future.

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