A network security scan will test your system or server for vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise a system. Examples are improperly configured administrator accounts, anonymous access to system files and directories, and obsolete versions of system software. A heavy scan tests for several hundred system vulnerabilities.

Please Note: Scans are available for University of Iowa systems & addresses only

This form is used to request that a security scan be run against your computer system over the campus network. Systems which can be scanned are:

  • UNIX variants
  • Supported versions of Windows

All fields on the form must be completed, or the request will not be honored. Scans will be executed as soon as possible, but allow up to 5 working days for your scan to be scheduled and completed. Scan results will be made available to the applicable Departmental Network/Security Contact (NSC) and/or System Administrator who requests the scan. (If the system administrator can not be verified, the report will be sent to the department NSC.) Please complete the following form and click the"Submit request" button.

Please Note:

  1. When requesting a Nessus (System) vulnerability scan, fill the system's static IP address in the field below. Contact hostmaster@uiowa.edu to request a static IP if your system only has a dynamic IP address.
  2. For an Acunetix (Web application) vulnerability scan, fill in the website's fully qualified domain name (FQDN)in the field below.