Getting started

Logging in:

To log into the site visit and supply your HawkID username and password. Anyone with a HawkID username/password can log into the application.

If there are difficulties in accessing the application please contact

System Edit page:

First click on the My Systems tab. At the bottom of the page there will be a button labeled Add System. Clicking on the button will take you to a System Edit page. Here you can enter the information about the system.


Department and Location Information:

The department pull down should be selected to display the department which owns the machine. The room and building fields should be filled out or set to reflect the system’s physical location. The entry from the OS pull down which best represents the operating system running on the system should be selected.


Critical System and Sensitive Data:

There are checkboxes to indicate if the system is a critical one and/or one which stores sensitive (level III) data, as well as the intended purpose of the system, check the appropriate boxes.



Select checkboxes which relate to a major function of the system.


Associated Individuals/Groups:

Individuals associated with a system can be added by typing the contacts HawkID username into the appropriate field nest to the Promote/Add User button. The access can then be selected via pull down menu for that contact. There are two types of access to a system, Read and Write. Read access gives users access to a system, but does not allow modification to the system. Write access allows the viewing and modification of a system. Individuals associated with a system are considered the primary points of contact for a system.

Active Directory groups can also be associated with systems. To associate a group in the Add Group Access field type in the group name and click Search. Click on Write or Read next to a group name to give the respective access to individuals in the Active Directory group. Wild cards can also be used when searching for a group (I.E. its-cio* would find all groups prefixed with "its-cio").

Please note that USR ignores nested groups.


Adding Network Related Information

IP and Media Access Control (MAC) association:

1. Add a MAC address next to the Add MAC button and click on it (optional).

2. Next to the Add IP enter an IP address. If you previously added a MAC address, you can select that MAC address in the pull-down menu before clicking Add IP.

3. Enter a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) into the FQDN field. Select a previously entered IP address from the pull-down menu. Click Add FQDN.

If you enter a stand alone IP and stand alone MAC address you can associate them by using the Associate IP button.