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Provides guidance and procedures for the use of wireless technologies on the University of Iowa campus.

This policy addresses the use of IEEE 802.11 wireless data networking protocols, commonly known as "Wi-Fi" or "wireless Ethernet." These protocols are used for connecting client devices to a data network through the use of over-the-air radio signals. The primary advantages of wireless networks are mobility and flexibility. The primary disadvantages are that wireless networks are more susceptible to service disruptions, and they operate at slower speeds.



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  1. IEEE 802.11 is a set of wireless networking protocols and standards adopted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The 802 committee works on data networking standards. The 802.11 subcommittee works on the subset of wireless standards that are commonly known as Wi-Fi. These standards define the components and functions of devices in an 802.11 network. These standards also include add-on definitions such as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11i, etc.
  2. "Wi-Fi" is a term developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to help identify devices that properly conform to the IEEE's 802.11 standards. The Wi-Fi Alliance was formed to help facilitate interoperability between wireless products from competing vendors.
  3. Extended Service Set Identifier (ESSID or SSID) is the textual name of a wireless network. The SSID is used to identify the network and advertise its availability.
  4. The phrase "wireless service" in this document refers to the University of Iowa wireless data networking service provided by Information Technology Services (ITS).

Policy Statements:

  1. Access to the wireless service will be restricted to current students, faculty, staff, and guests that have been authorized.
  2. Students, faculty, and staff shall be authenticated with their Hawk ID. Guests will be provided a Guest ID for authentication.
  3. The wireless service shall protect authentication credentials through the use of data encryption.
  4. Users of the wireless service are responsible for obtaining a device that meets the current implementation requirements.
  5. The text "UI-Wireless" is reserved for defining SSID's for the University of Iowa wireless service. Wireless equipment in University owned or leased spaces that is not part of the University wireless service shall not include the text "UI-Wireless" in their SSID definitions.
  6. ITS reserves the right to revoke wireless service authorization for an individual Hawk ID, Guest ID, or for any device that is disrupting the operation of the wireless service. Violation of the University of Iowa Network Citizenship policy or the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy will result in revocation of authorization to use the wireless service.
  7. University faculty, staff, students and guests shall not install personal wireless networking equipment in University owned or leased spaces without written consent from ITS. See items 2 and 5 in the implementation section for more information, or contact ITS-NetworkServices@uiowa.edu.

Implementation of the Policy

  1. Responsibility for implementing this policy rests with ITS.  ITS is responsible for designing, configuring, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the University of Iowa wireless service.
  2. ITS will maintain a written description of the current wireless data networking implementation in the form of a service description. This will include device requirements for accessing the network, and information regarding procedures to obtain authorization for the deployment of user supplied wireless equipment. This documentation will be available on the ITS Help Desk web site, at http://its.uiowa.edu/wireless
  3. ITS will utilize central funding to provide a basic level of wireless service in libraries and many common areas. Wireless service expansion will typically be funded by the college, department, or unit requesting it.
  4. ITS will provide a mechanism for procuring Guest ID's authorized to use the wireless service.
  5. ITS is authorized to monitor/detect implementation of unauthorized wireless devices. ITS reserves the right to remove and/or disable wireless equipment that is in violation of this policy, and/or may disable any wired uplink data port associated with a device in violation of this policy.
  6. For more information regarding the wireless service, send email to ITS-NetworkServices@uiowa.edu

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