Computer Data and Media Disposal Policy Training

Training resources/ material for individuals to learn policy and procedures to properly dispose of data-storing media.

Computer Security Awareness Program

An online tutorial for faculty and staff to raise awareness of computer security issues, policy, and best practices.

Computer Security Incident Response & Forensics

Report computer security incidents, issues and suspected or confirmed breaches. The Security Office will aid in response procedures and technical or forensic analysis, as well as informing law enforcement and university administration.

Computer and Web Vulnerability Scanning

Web application vulnerability security scan will test your system/server and application for vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise a system. Examples are improperly configured administrator accounts, buggy code resulting in anonymous access to system files and directories, and obsolete versions of system software.
The IT Security Office also offers network scans of computer system(s) to identify active communication paths, and/or security weaknesses.

Firewalling Data Center Servers

Implementation of hardware firewall devices to support defense in depth security strategy. The IT Security Office provides an additional layer of security protection by placing enterprise servers in Data Centers behind a hardware based firewall device; managing the ruleset; monitoring activity; and facilitating server migrations.

Penetration Testing

Active evaluation of a resource's security using a combination of automated tools and manual methods to breach the security of the system.
If you have questions or need assistance please call the IT Security Office (5-6332) or email:

Security Consulting & Compliance

Provide recommendations and assistance for security controls implementation for computing devices. Consult on new or existing projects/issues/equipment to provide best-practice recommendations for security architecture and implementation of specific security controls.
If you have questions or need assistance please call the IT Security Office (5-6332) or email:

S/MIME or Client Certificates for secure e-mail communication

Provide personal certificates for campus end-users.

TLS (Digital) Certificates for secure communication

Provide TLS (digital) certificates for campus systems, which allow for encrypted communications. Most commonly used for HTTPS on web servers.

UIOWA System Registry (USR)

An application to register computer systems with support contact information, and to indicate the purpose and type of system.

VPN - UI Anywhere

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service offers students, faculty, and staff secure access to University resources from off-campus. University resources can be accessed via two different methods, WebVPN allows access via a web Portal, and the AnyConnect client, allows direct access from client applications.

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